Day 1 plan out your challenges

Planning out all 21 days on Day 1 may seem daunting, but it will set you up for success! To get started, take our quiz for some challenge ideas, then print out the calendar to map out what you'll do each day.

5 Quick Tips:

  • Give yourself grace. It’s OK to be flexible with the challenge days. Complete all 21 days, but don’t worry if you have to shuffle a few around.
  • Make plans ahead of time, especially for days that require you to coordinate with a friend or schedule an appointment.
  • Keep the challenge top-of-mind. Put the challenge calendar on your fridge. Add it to your digital calendar. Whatever works for you!
  • Take the Feel Whole Challenge with your friends. It’ll be more fun and it’ll help you stay accountable.
  • Share what you’re doing. Talking about the challenge can keep you motivated. (Don’t forget to tag your posts on social media with #FeelWholeChallenge!)

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