You have the power to change your life. Prove it by taking the Feel Whole Challenge, a 21-Day devotion to every part of you, made for all ages and stages of wellness. Watch our video to get inspired, then start Day 1 to let the challenge change you, too.

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Day 1 plan out your challenges

Today’s the day to set yourself up to successfully complete the challenge. Take our quiz for some inspiration, print out the calendar and get tips for getting started — all on the Day 1 page.

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Planning out your challenges is the first step toward success. Take this quick quiz and we'll give you challenge ideas inspired by what you like.

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Day 6 buy fresh ingredients

Whether shopping at your local farmers market or in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, buy fresh fruit, veggies or herbs! Visit our Day 6 page for some superfood suggestions and more!

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Day 13 volunteer

Studies have shown that generous giving changes brain activity and creates feelings of happiness. If you’re not sure how to get involved, check out our Day 13 page for ideas on giving back.

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Day 14 plant something

Caring for plants can also cause joy to grow. On our Day 14 page, learn about the benefits of planting something — and maybe develop a greener thumb along the way.

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Day 18 give someone a gift

Sharing a gift can do a lot for both the giver and the recipient. Check out our Day 18 page for inspiration on meaningful gifts you can give and to learn why gifting is good for you.

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Challenge Stories in 30 Seconds

No matter who you are or where you're at on your health journey, you can take the Feel Whole Challenge. Watch how these five different people prove it.

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